Brendon Booth

Senior News Desk Analyst

Brendon Booth is a Senior Analyst and content creator on the Player Profiler News Desk. He has been playing fantasy sports since the late 90’s and brings a unique perspective to the fantasy space. Brendon can be counted on for two things, taking chances and being loud. His outside-the-box style can be boom or bust, but it will always be evidence based and with an emphasis on market inefficiencies.

Brendon has participated over the years in just about every fantasy format possible, including salary cap leagues, best ball, and even full GM simulation. He began writing sports content over 10 years ago and recently began focusing his efforts on Devy and Dynasty leagues. His content can be found at PlayerProfiler, The Undroppables, Dynasty Pros, FF Plus, and The Fantasy Burn.

A native to Northern California, Brendon is a die-hard member of Raider Nation and bides his time during the NFL offseason following the Sacramento Kings and San Francisco Giants. When not focused on FFB content, Brendon enjoys cooking and mixology. He also is a screenwriter, stand-up comic, and has won awards for his sketch comedy writing and acting.