Jon Adams

Mock Draft Lead | Data Aggregator

Jon Adams is a data analyst and a NFL and NBA data journalist. He was born and raised in Troy, NY. Jon began working at PlayerProfiler two years ago as a Formation Charter. Next, he expanded his role to Performance Charter. Jon is slowly elevating to oversee mock drafts and the end-to-end charting process. The charting work Jon does helps provide the PlayerProfiler website with the information fantasy gamers need to dominate their fantasy leagues! Without people like Jon, PlayerProfiler couldn’t provide the amount of analysis and data it gives to countless fantasy gamers across the globe.

He has been playing fantasy football for over a decade. Jon is in over 25 dynasty leagues, and runs his own multi-league interconnected dynasty community. With this expertise, Jon knows what fantasy gamers need and expect from a well run website. Jon also brings his this experience as a data analyst to the PlayerProfiler community and is dedicated to making PlayerProfiler the best fantasy football website on the internet. Additionally, Jon’s dedication to making PlayerProfiler website an engaging experience is second to none!  You can find him on Sleeper, where he organizes the Mock Drafts. Jon is also on Twitter and in the PlayerProfiler discord, where he works to create a fun, engaging fantasy football community! His handle on all platrforms is @TheFFPrez