Brittney Foxworth

Social Media Graphic Designer

Brittney Foxworth is a Graphic Designer for PlayerProfiler. Brittney’s passion for football stems from her childhood where Sundays were spent with her family gathered around the TV, cheering on Jerome Bettis, Big Ben, Troy Polamalu, and all the other Men of Steel. She joined her first fantasy football league in high school, not knowing that 20 years later her passion would grow into a career. Over the years, Brittney has played almost every format of fantasy football, including Redraft, Dynasty, Superflex, and even some unique ones, such as a monster-themed league with draftable villains. Her obsession with the game is immeasurable, and creativity has always been her way to connect with the community in her own unique way.

Dedicated to turning her passion into something more, she joined the IDP Guy’s team as a content creator and writer, where she still contributes today. Expanding her talents, she joined the Design Team for PlayerProfiler as a Graphic Designer, where she creates eye-catching YouTube thumbnails and graphics for their podcasts. These designs have enhanced the product on multiple social media platforms and have drawn new users to PlayerProfiler. Brittney is proud to help PlayerProfiler grow! She is excited to continue her work with PlayerProfiler, and there’s nothing Brittney won’t take on!