Get Kenny Golladay On Your Fantasy Team (Ignore Allen Hurns)

by _tim______ ·

You need to get Kenny Golladay on your fantasy team based on his advanced stats, metrics, and analytics player profile. Not next week. Not tomorrow. Now. Right now.

Kenny Golladay’s Sublime Profile

Golladay’s profile hits all the notes we look for:

College Dominator

Breakout Age

Speed Score

Catch Radius

No better example of seeing metrics in-action than Kenny Golladay using his 10.17 Catch Radius to make a sublime diving catch.

Kenny Golladay’s Top NFL WR Comps

Kenny Golladay’s combination of college production and athleticism puts him in rare company. Most crucially, Golladay out-targeted Marvin Jones 7 to 2 last week, and the Lions are a pass-first, ask questions later team. Golladay has quickly become a must-have in all fantasy formats.

Allen Hurns’ Lackluster Profile

Allen Hurns, on the other hand, is not a must-own. Hurns is the anti-Golladay, lacking both college dominance and athleticism.

Allen Hurns Advanced Stats & Metrics Profile

Allen Hurns was be a popular waiver wire target after Allen Robinson‘s season-ending knee injury, but he is not the Jaguars best receiver. Marqise Lee was a better college prospect and easily Jacksonville’s most efficient receiver last season.

But even great efficiency won’t help Jacksonville receivers be fantasy viable on a weekly basis this season. The Jaguars are putting the old in old school running the ball two times for every throw. Chasing No. 2 receivers on low volume pass offenses with highly inaccurate quarterbacks is not the way to win in fantasy football.