PlayerProfiler.com provides a distilled snapshot on current NFL position players featuring only the advanced stats and metrics that help predict performance.

PlayerProfiler.com leverages data analytics and statistical modeling to distill a wide range of opportunity, productivity, and efficiency-related information into a single, mobile-optimized player snapshot. Featured PlayerProfiler.com data points include: College Dominator Rating, Breakout Age, Speed Score, Catch Radius, Sparq Score, Offensive Line Efficiency, Deep Ball Completion Percentage, Evaded Tackles, Production Premium, and Contested Catch Conversion Rate.

PlayerProfiler.com is the most effective online tool for quickly looking up players, and then intuitively evaluating past performance as well as forecasting future production.  The site helps sports fans, fantasy footballers, team personnel, and sports media members make faster, more informed player assessments, talent evaluations, and roster decisions.

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