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NFL analysis is steadily becoming more sophisticated as sports writers and consumers embrace analytics. RotoUnderworld’s data integration tools seamlessly incorporate advanced stats & metrics into all types of digital content from news to articles to player pages to research tools.


Free Dynamic Content Tools

Free Player Card Install

Interactive Player Cards


RotoUnderworld offers fully integrated player cards for publishers with robust in-house player pages. Articles with player cards feature a subtle “advanced info” icon to enhance user engagement, particularly among the sophisticated sports fans and fantasy gamers.

     Article Featuring Embedded Player Card


Clicking the icon next to a player’s name activates a mini PlayerProfiler player card featuring one-click access to workouts, efficiency metrics, game log, college stats, and injury history.

                                        Embedded Player Card Mini-window



Free Hyperlinker Install

The Hyperlinker


RotoUnderworld offers sports media publishers and bloggers The Hyperlinker allowing writers to create hyperlinks to player pages for an individual article with a click or by leveraging our automatic processor.  

Once player names are hyperlinked, PlayerProfiler generates reciprocal links back to native publisher content. The Hyperlinker creates a symbiotic traffic vortex between PlayerProfiler and its publishing partners.

                                                                                                                            The Hyperlinker Interface and Related Articles Panel


Advanced Data Integration

RotoUnderworld’s advanced data integration capabilities allows publishers and fantasy gaming platforms to build native player pages, empower writing teams with advanced research tools, enhance existing digital content, and build out sophisticated tools for premium subscribers by leveraging the following services. Email us for enterprise license pricing: [email protected].


Automated Data Service


RotoUnderworld is an authoritative source for advanced football player information not available through traditional stats services. We deliver data to sports media organizations as a web service via secure API feed. We provide enterprise license clients with the necessary technical resources, API documentation, and authentication credentials to implement a fully automated, secure socket layer (SSL) data feed that includes the following:

  • Game Logs
  • Workout Metrics (40-time, bench press, Wonderlic scores)
  • On-field Efficiency (contested catches, evaded tackles, yards after contact)
  • College Performance
  • Injury History
  • Full Depth Charts (including futures contracts and practice squads)
  • Player Contracts


Atlanta Falcons Full Wide Receiver Depth Chart


Keenan Allen Complete Injury History



Seamless Info Panels


Like baseball (OPS, WAR) and basketball (PER, WS), a mainstream sports media analytics movement in football is imminent. As the football fans and fantasy football enthusiasts become more sophisticated, RotoUnderworld’s fully embedded info panels enhance existing sports media and fantasy football platform player pages.

Many sports media and fantasy football platforms offer dedicated player profile pages to their user base. These pages often feature a headshot, core player data (height, weight, college), and full-season statistics, but info gaps may include: athleticism, on-field efficiency, college performance, contract status, and player health.  

RotoUnderworld’s commercial clients render info panels seamlessly to provides a richer, more engaging user experience. Commercial have ultimate flexibility to choose which info panels to display on an ad hoc basis.  

Mock Player Page with Embedded Info Panel



Enhanced Player Analysis


Sports media organizations create content consumed by millions of fantasy football enthusiasts who value evidenced-based game flow predictions, player value propositions, and fantasy football advice.  In order to generate accurate weekly player projections and write sophisticated, well-reasoned articles, the staff requires performance metrics and advanced stats that go beyond box score and game log data.

To meet these requirements, RotoUnderworld’s enterprise content license provides commercial clients with access to via live look-up player pages and a point-and-click custom data query tool.   


    Odell Beckham Jr. Player Page


                                                                          Data Analysis Tool for Sports Writers, Editorial Staff, and Video Production Professionals


Advanced Data Elements

RotoUnderworld delivers a full suite of advanced statistics and metrics from collegiate performance metrics to NFL Scouting Combine measurables to advanced on-field statistics from the 2013-2016 NFL seasons (data sourcing and background information available here:

RotoUnderworld employs a robust team of seasoned game analysts who chart every game of the NFL Regular Season enabling more than 100 advanced data elements to be made available to commercial clients:



  • Arm Length
  • Hand Size
  • 40-time
  • Speed Score
  • Burst Score
  • Agility Score
  • Bench Press
  • Catch Radius
  • Playmaking Radius
  • Throw Velocity
  • Wonderlic Score
  • SPARQ-x Score (Nike’s overall athleticism metric)
  • Athleticism Score (RotoUnderworld’s signature athleticism metric)
  • Best Comparable Player
  • Injury History
  • Contract History


College Production

  • College QBR
  • College YPA/YPC/YPR
  • College Dominator Rating
  • Breakout Age
  • Target Share


QB Performance Metrics

  • Snaps (available for all positions)
  • Pace of Play (available for all positions)
  • Game Script (available for all positions)
  • Offensive Line Pass Protection Rating
  • Supporting Cast Efficiency
  • Pass Attempt Depth/Distance
  • True Completion Percentage
  • Red Zone Completion Percentage
  • Downfield Completion Percentage
  • Play-action Throws
  • Under Pressure and Clean Pocket Throws
  • Shotgun and Under Center Throws
  • Play-action Passes
  • Danger Plays
  • Interceptable Passes
  • Money Throws
  • Pass Accuracy Rating
  • Receiver Target Separation, Drops, YAC, and Contested Catch Rate
  • Adjusted Yards Per Attempt
  • True Passer Rating
  • Production Premium (RotoUnderworld’s proprietary efficiency metric)
  • Fantasy Points Per Drop Back
  • Expected Touchdowns and Fantasy Points (available for all positions)


RB Performance Metrics

  • Opportunity Share
  • Weighted Opportunties
  • Offensive Line Run Blocking Rating
  • Game Script
  • Red Zone Carries
  • Goal Line Carries
  • Yards Per Touch
  • Yards After Contact
  • Evaded Tackles
  • Breakaway Runs
  • True Yards Per Carry
  • Dominator Rating
  • Big Hits
  • Average Men in the Box
  • YPC and Carry Rate vs. Various Defensive Formations
  • YPC and Carry Rate by Offensive Formation
  • Production Premium (RotoUnderworld’s proprietary efficiency metric)
  • Fantasy Points Per Snap
  • Fantasy Points Per Opportunity


WR/TE Performance Metrics

  • Slot Rate
  • Cushion
  • Route Participation
  • Target Share
  • Hog Rate (Targets Per Snap)
  • Catchable Targets
  • Deep Targets
  • Red Zone Targets
  • End Zone Targets
  • Target Separation
  • Target Depth/Distance
  • Target Quality
  • Target Accuracy Rating
  • Yards Per Target
  • Yards Per Pass Route
  • True Catch Rate
  • Dominator Rating
  • Target Premium
  • QB Rating When Targeted
  • Production Premium (RotoUnderworld’s proprietary efficiency metric)
  • Drops
  • Burn Rate
  • Contested Catches
  • Fantasy Points Per Pass Route 
  • Fantasy Points Per Target


CB Performance Metrics

  • Slot Rate
  • Cushion
  • Routes Defended
  • Air Yards Defended
  • Deep Targets
  • Target Accuracy Against
  • Target Separation
  • Burn Rate
  • Yards Per Reception Against
  • Yards Per Target Against
  • Catch Rate Allowed
  • Pass Break-ups
  • Coverage Rating
  • QB Rating Allowed
  • Fantasy Points Allowed Per Cover Snap
  • Fantasy Points Allowed Per Target


DL/EDGE/LB/Safety Performance Metrics

  • Solo Tackles
  • Assisted Tackles
  • Tackles for Loss
  • Batted Passes
  • Forced Fumbles
  • Pass Break-ups
  • Fantasy Points Allowed


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